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Humanist technologist. Equality and adventures.

I co-founded Elgg and Known, worked on Medium, and now invest in innovative media startups to support a stronger democracy at Matter.


Opened the Mac App Store for the first time in months. There's a $30 app for writing Medium posts. Backing away slowly.


I'm still behind on Doctor Who. Just seen Oxygen, which is right up there with my favorite New Who episodes (and my favorite classic ones). Aside from Knock Knock, this season has been golden.


Having a difficult weekend for family reasons. If I owe you an email, I apologize: I'll get back to you soon, I promise.


Thing I would like: an audiobook service that lets people read books to their loved ones remotely and asynchronously. May build it for ma.


I really want to try Toast: beer made from stale bread that would otherwise go to waste.


People on the TV saying governments want to prevent cyberattackers. They should probably stop building their software, then.


Fuck you, pulmonary fibrosis.

Also, fuck you, anyone who wants to limit access to healthcare.